Story Tellers

INTRODUCTION: The Common-Law Wife of Old Trout

Though her mind flashed the brief thought of drugging him with the leftover vicodin she was saving for a special occasion—what could be more special than that, she asked herself—tying something heavy around his neck, like that insanely heavy cast iron skillet he was so fucking proud of, even though everything fried in it tasted like old trout—and pushing him over the side. Read more →

Introduction: The Coven

Found two hours later, smiling with a pearl clutched in her tiny fist and floating atop a clump of seaweed, her return was deemed a miracle. Read more →

Introduction: Each Minute is a Work in Progress

But that’s the thing about sayings: they don’t always mean for you to do something or think something specific. Sometimes they are just words to keep you humble in the face of happiness. Read more →

Introduction: The “Linguistics Professor”

The “talegate” was an ancient, quasi-mystical tradition, in which our forbears’ forbears believed that if enough of the right sorts of souls gathered in a circle, a particular portal would open, allowing stories to pour forth from the realm of the Gods and the Giants. Read more →