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Nobody really wants to hear it. Not the truth of it. How it really happened. They want to feel good about it. They want the glow. And that’s why I don’t really want to get into all that shit. It’s personal anyway and people don’t understand personal. That’s true. Everybody spills. But I don’t. Spill. Because-what’s in it for me to tell you? I mean, you wanna know? Pay the price. Pay something. I’ve paid. But you just want it for free. Because, you think all the bullshit free lies you get everyday are the same as my truth. But you have your eyes slammed shut. You don’t see anything. So. Make me a deal. If you want the big shit. Otherwise fuck right off. I’ve got a whole life now you know? Not just the one part that got sliced out as national news. I was just a kid then anyway and I wouldn’t have done any of that now. Stupid hero fuckall. And for what? To make other people feel good about a lie. That’s some funny shit right there. The truth doesn’t set anybody free.


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