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INTRODUCTION: The Common-Law Wife of Old Trout

Though her mind flashed the brief thought of drugging him with the leftover vicodin she was saving for a special occasion—what could be more special than that, she asked herself—tying something heavy around his neck, like that insanely heavy cast iron skillet he was so fucking proud of, even though everything fried in it tasted like old trout—and pushing him over the side. Read more →

Dieter and Gunther

“Last night you were bemoaning --” “Bemoaning?” Gunther's hand went to his hip rendering him the epitome of someone who would bemoan. “I never bemoan! Bemoaning is beneath me.” “Well. Ok. You were not bemoaning so much as desticulating.” Dieter knew Gunther could not object to this as he had made the word up on the spot. Read more →

Perfect Teeth

I got a little knife so I cut the twine, around his feet first, then his hands, and it’s not easy and the knife isn’t sharp and the lump won’t hold still, so it takes a while. He keeps looking at the guy, who is snoring—we’ll hear if he wakes up—but he keeps looking at the guy. Snap! Last ones, and the lump stands up and rubs his wrists. I figure my moment has come and I hold out my hand. Three pennies and a quarter. Then he kicks me in the face. Read more →

The Winking Suicide

My father-in-law understood that he was flirting with clinical obsession, but he couldn’t stop himself—and more concerning, he didn’t want to. He strongly suspected that there was a special mystery about this window, and it seemed to him that the nation’s coagulating stasis was offering up all the time in the world to solve it. Read more →