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Jason C

I always find it fascinating that the strongly anti-gun commonly see the pro-gun in closely the same way as they themselves are seen, which is to say, frightened and confused. The common perception among the pro-gun minded is that those who "fear the gun" are just un-educated and not aware of the facts. The term "Transference" comes up a lot when speaking of those who rail against the merits of self defense, and "think with their hearts and not with their minds" is the simplified analogy of choice.

While I find many of these generalities to be true in a stretched perception kind of way, the common theme of fear among the anti-gun minded remains a constant. Fear of the unknown, fear of personal responsibility, fear of civic responsibility, and especially fear of human nature. Its all well and good to wish upon a star that we "all just get along", but it is not in our nature as long as we have free will as our maker intended. Some good reading to help anyone understand more is an excellent article titled "Raging against self defense". A simple web search will bring it up readily enough. If nothing else, it will help the anti-gun minded to understand how they are perceived, since those of us of the pro-gun nature understand your view of us readily enough.

Paul Mullin

Thanks for your thoughts, Jason. I just went back over this essay which I hadn't read in awhile and while I do mention the pro-gun folks as "frightened" once, I talk much more about addiction. I think that's actually the gist of the problem: addiction to a misunderstanding of power, and addiction to sick ways of thinking, and certain sorts of fetishism. Fear is a component, but not the main problem, and certainly not one that would be readily admitted to. The fearful rarely readily admit feeling so.

I do appreciate you reaching out though. Your response is measured and thoughtful. Your side of the argument could use more folks like you.


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