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William Salyers

That's whitey; always hiding behind "science."

Christopher Lucas

Hm. All the important stuff about race is certainly more social than genetic. But...you think you have a choice about whether you use social concepts?

Paul Mullin

I think I have a choice about HOW I use social concepts, especial vapid, dubiously useful ones.

Paul Mullin

Sorry, Precaffeinated, but I have a strict policy of no anonymous commenting at Just Wrought.

You can reference its first implementation here: http://www.paulmullin.org/just-wrought/2010/01/1448-a-regular-reminder-of-whats-already-world-class-about-seattle.html

But the gist is this:

"I know it's considered the custom of the internet country to post anonymously, but there is no tradition of it in the theatre. In the world of live performance, one says one's words in public and stands by them with their body. So as a rule I won't be accepting any more anonymous posts.

Stand and deliver, people!"

I'd love to let your comments stay. They are great questions. But I cannot unless you provide an actual identity. I'll give you an hour to do so. After that I'll "unpublish" your comments, but they will still exist for me to republish at any time you come forward with your identity.

Paul Mullin

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