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Mike Rainey

Maybe C+ from an engineering standpoint, but from a business standpoint I'd grade it a B-. You didn't *lose* money and you learned enough to improve the process.

If theaters that produce your work are amenable, you could offer a package deal of a show ticket plus a script through the ticketing agency, perhaps with a slight discount - give people a chance to buy the script before they even get to the theater.

Paul Mullin

Mike, I think that's an awesome idea, worthy of its own experiment. It would require the playwright to be more integrated with the producing theater's operations, but I would consider that step to be a positive one backwards to the days of Moliere and Shakespeare, when writers had a stack in the entities producing their plays.

Wesley K. Andrews

Great point Mike. There are lots of ways to add upgrades at all points of sale, which the larger theatres routinely do with dinner coupons, parking, fundraising, etc., and making playwright merch a priority in those channels would be a terrific way for nonprofits to support writers. It wouldn't really be that much extra work and would show a real commitment to artists.

Paul, I really enjoyed following this project! Thanks for writing about it!

Louise Penberthy

Definitely a better sign than “Scripts for Sale - $10.” :-) Not only more aesthetically pleasing, but with words that express why someone would want to buy it.

I like to buy scripts to figure out how the playwright did it. Also, I've noticed that enjoy the play again when I read the script.

So if the sign could capture this:

Enjoy the play again
Buy the script

(Definitely "buy the script" not "scripts for sale".)

Or, for playwrights:

"Playwrights, steal my secrets!"
Buy the script

Have you talked to Mirror Stage about their experience selling scripts at performances of "Odin's Horse"?

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