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Suzy Hunt

enjoyed the article, learned stuff, and am eager to become more acquainted with the new plays and their writers...please include me as a reader when you have a need for older character actor types. cheers, suzy

Lyam White

Just a quick shout out for UMO Ensemble's Maldoror, premiering at Northwest Film Forum on September 13th!

Paul Mullin

Lyam, yes!

Suzy, yes!

Keri Healey

Thank you for the shout out, Paul. The point you make about local actors serving in a generative role as well as in an interpretive role is especially resonant for me. Without actors in the room (for a development period that took place over 2 years), TORSO would never have gotten made. I'm now developing a new site-specific piece (GENTLEMAN DESPERADO) which is getting richer by the night due to the contributions of the actors cast in it. They are incredibly smart collaborators and Seattle's community of smarties is what keeps me in this city.

On the subject of "locally grown" I think we all need to bow down and give praise to 4Culture for their insightful and artist-friendly funding programs. This agency more than almost any other I can think of is not only funding artists to create new things, but actually setting the stage for the development of arts projects that address local sites and historic events, braiding our experience of art with our very sense of place. If any of you King County artists out there have not explored their funding opportunities, I beg you to take a look, apply, or just call them to talk about an idea. Artists need partners to get local work off the ground, and they are ready to be that partner.

Paul Mullin


Thank you so much for your comment.

Indeed, thanks to a 4Culture grant, I am going to be able to step into a room with some of the very same actors that made TORSO so fabulous. I'll be having a public reading of my new play PHILOSOPHICAL ZOMBIE KILLER at the Bathhouse Theatre in Green Lake on Oct. 15 and I hope you can come. (Heck, I hope anyone at all interested comes and gives their feedback.)

I am so excited about all the new theatre work blossoming in Seattle. If we can convince a few more patrons-- individual and organizational-- to be as consistently involved and generous as 4Culture, we can achieve even greater things, I am quite sure.


Keri Healey

I'll be there, Paul. Looking forward to it.

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