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I'm not a Seattle playwright but I just want to say Bravo to what you were saying on Howlround.

Paul Mullin

Well, thanks, Lucia!

Louise Penberthy

You and Scot Augustson or Keri Healey and everybody should do something like 13P. You guys have the rep and the following to be able to do it.

Keri Healey

Hey Louise, thanks for bringing 13P's model into this conversation. Theirs is an interesting model to examine, for sure, and their "institutional" belief that full production of the play is what many playwrights want and need in order to develop their scripts further is one that I share wholeheartedly. They also seem to enjoy quite a healthy backing from funders -- both individual donors as well as gov't and private grants. I admire their success a great deal and would love to find out how the playwrights involved feel that it has furthered their work.

I have to say that at this point in my life, I am no longer interested in starting a new organization or having to tackle the administrative and fundraising work that goes into something even as small as 13P is. I have done that as a theater manager before and it's exhausting (plus, you wind up with too little time to write, and these days, I just want to write).

Personally, I feel like what's needed in Seattle is a person, persons, or organization that wants to act as a rep for regional playwrights - to get the works generated here out into the broader national market. It seems like the field is wide open for this kind of an org.

Louise Penberthy

Keri -- I hear you about producing. I would probably only produce a play of mine if all of the places I'd sent it to (the ones who are looking for plays that haven't been produced) had said no. And I'd expect not to get any writing done during.

Interesting idea about a rep for regional playwrights. It would need to be someone well known in the theater world, who had the contacts and the cred to get people's work out there.

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