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Matthew Sweeney00

I think you should call it Steve.

I've always liked that name.

Paul Mullin

Thanks, Matt. Yours is the first suggestion and shall be granted all the privileges of precedence.

Christopher Lucas


Paul Mullin

I'm intrigued, Chris, but I'll need a little more sales if it's too push "Steve" from the podium.

Scot Augustson

Paul, what you're describing sounds a lot like sex.

Sara Stapleton

I think you already said it: Interplay.

Come experience the new interplay by Paul Mullin.

Paul Mullin

Funny you should mention that, Scot, because—can you believe it?— I thought of that too. And then I thought, “Now wait a minute, Paulie. You of all people know that sex can be a one-person operation.” So then I remembered what we call it between two or more: "sexual intercourse."

So, are you suggesting, Dr. Augustson, as a possible candidate “theatrical intercourse”? No need to answer. I’m going to assume you are and give you a prize if it’s the ultimate winner.


It should be called life! For some it is what they wish it to be and others it is.

Jeremy M. Barker

Why not just call it "intercourse"? Seriously. I think that works pretty well.

Jeremy M. Barker


a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin, where it meant “between,” “among,” “in the midst of,” “mutually,” “reciprocally,” “together,” “during” ( intercept; interest ); on this model, used in the formation of compound words ( intercom; interdepartmental ).


1. a direction or route taken or to be taken.
2. the path, route, or channel along which anything moves: the course of a stream.
3. advance or progression in a particular direction; forward or onward movement.

Scot Augustson

Intercourse is so...librarian. Sort of like the word "Behoove." If the point is to not further drive people away from the theater, how about Clusterfuck?

Paul Mullin

Jeremy, your argument is compelling.

Imagine how much more often we'll hear things like:

"Man, I can't stop thinking about the intercourse last night."

"Honey, how 'bout going to see Mike Daisey tonight?" "No thanks, I really prefer intercourse."

"Paul, what's your dream job?" "Oh, you know, if I could just get a living wage to sit around and dream new ways of performing intercourse, I'd be happy."

Bottom line, Barker: you're running strong in this.

Ed Mullin

Liveform, Sentintercourse

Paul Mullin

Thanks, Eddie! I do believe you are the first non-theatre person (i.e. performer,professional, or critic) to submit, and thus your submissions will be weighted more heavily.


How about boxing?
or Couples figure skating
or just sports? can we call it sports?

also Can you help me with a word for my solo saxophone project? I feel like since I'm the only one doing it I can't call it music so I need something else to call it.


If what I've been seeing over the last few years is any indication, the term you may be looking for is Artistic Prostitution.

Jeremy M. Barker

Paul, I'm telling you: not only does it work, but it makes for far more entertaining double-entendres.

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