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Steven Gomez

A frivolous but telling story: I went to audition for Annex's next show last weekend, and for this show they held auditions in Seattle Rep's rehearsal space. We auditionees waited for our call in their green room, and I was there for about half an hour so I spent a good chunk of time in that green room.

While I waited, Hans walks in, casually grabs some water and sits at the PC to check email or whatever. Knowing he's in the current Rep show, "This.", I didn't think anything of this... until I realized the timing of my 2:30 pm audition and it dawned on me that the dialogue I heard over the room speakers wasn't some TV or soundtrack recording, but was in fact the dialogue from the matinee run of the show, taking place at that very moment. Hans at the moment had a break between scenes, and was so casual-as-can-be that looking at him I didn't even realize he was in the middle of a show, let alone one where he had to carry a good portion of the dramatic load. He calmly walked out and moments later I could hear him through the monitors playing on stage.

The man is a pro, such a pro that he makes even the little things, like staying focused on the play while taking a break between scenes, look literally effortless.

Llysa Holland

Another thought - this might have been Mike's opening at the Rep, but the show has already had full runs at Berkeley rep and at Wooly Mammoth in DC. Something to consider - Mike doesn't do exactly the same show every night - he works from an outline - NOT a script - so every night, there might be slightly different stories, or nuances or focus. And he constantly retools. Always challenging.

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