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Bill Salyers

... puts you in touch with like-minded people who might have sex with you.

Paul Mullin

Sex with like-minded people?!?

What are you? A puritan?

Lyam White

I like this list. I would add something about art's relationship to axioms--that it challenges standing axioms (sometimes confirming them in the process) and establishes new ones. I mean, if it were my list, which it's not. I'll be quiet now.

Paul Mullin

I am with you in spirit, Lyam. My only problem is that I had to look up "axiom" to be sure I knew what it meant, and I am trying to keep this list as clean and clear and accessible as possible. Could it be that what you're might fall under one of these:

# Devastates

# Magnifies the greater glory of God†

# Joins the long conversation

# Demonstrates unprovable truth.

If not, I'd love it if you'd consider writing something that fleshes out your argument. I'd happily post it here.

Lyam White

Hmmm . . . Seems to me that devastation would be a side effect, rather than the act; I don't see how challenging or establishing axioms would magnify the glory of God unless one challenges the glory of God and fails.

I suppose that challenging or establishing axioms could be said to "join in the long conversation," while establishing them, by definition, "demonstrates unprovable truth."

If we say that establishing axioms is well within the demonstration of unprovable truth, might we say that challenging axioms amounts to "demonstrating the poverty of common sense?"

Jeni Falldine

"Art joins the long conversation" is my favorite. That is so well worded. I am constantly amazed at the vast array of unique human creations...it is a very long conversation indeed. :)

Paul Mullin

I had to add this comment, six years later, from a note Keri Healey put on Facebook today:

"...perhaps the best thing art can do for me is untidy things in my brain once in a while, unpack what I thought was neatly packed away, and force me navigate the storms I'd rather avoid."

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