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Paul Mullin

I hope from the bottom of my heart that this rumor is utter bullshit.

Jose' Amador

Either false, or Intiman is able to pull an ACT and get their asses out of the fire.


I really hope that's not true. If it is true, we better get ready to rally. That's a theater worth saving.


Well, considering Intiman's most recent IRS documents (for the 2008 season) show a $500 K deficit of expenses-over-revenue posted in a single season, along with a net decrease in revenue of $1.35 mm during that same period, and also knowing they've been desperately trying to erase anywhere from $400 K to $900 K in carry-over debt for the last four or five years, AND given Mr. Colburn's sudden departure, I'd place the confidence level of this rumor as being "very high".

Although I'm loathe to say it, because essentially you're correct Paul, in that losing a major union house, along with the hundreds of living-wage jobs it supports, cannot bode well for the overall ecosystem, this situation really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who's been paying attention. Intiman has been dying of a slow, lingering malaise for the past six or seven years, but unlike ACT for example, they've never really been upfront about the precariousness of their financial situation, they've never directly addressed it with the community, and the (now former, apparently) administration seems to have been operating under the assumption that if they DON'T talk frankly about it, somehow it'll magically go away and maybe nobody will notice there was ever a problem to begin with.

Head, meet sand.

No wonder Kate Whoriskey seems to be MIA as of late...

Paul Mullin

Thanks, Chris, for doing some of that detail leg work that I obviously don't have the head for.

I know you're the last person-- besides me of course-- that wants to see me be right.

And I agree, ACT went about their crisis in a much more open way, and they seem to be reaping the long-term rewards for doing so. Openness: what a concept!

Again, thanks for your professional analysis.


You flatter me sir, but there's really nothing to it at all:



Losing Intiman would be horrifying.

Influence, which didn't survive that last 'cull,' would not have been able to end on the high note it did (US premiere of Sarah Kane's important _Blasted_) without her.

That said, perhaps Intiman can emerge from the current crisis with the rethought/rejiggered sort of model that makes ACT the most exciting theater in town.

Who can play Scanduzzi for the ITC?

A 990 nerd

The 2009 Form 990s are up. They show an $80,000 net asset balance for Intiman at 12/31/2009 and a nearly $3,000,000 net asset balance for the Intiman Foundation at 12/31/2009. The Foundation is a supporting organization for Intiman. This makes me think that they may be in a tough place, but will be fine.

Patrick Lennon

I don't know that I'd be that upset to lose Intiman. To permanently lose one of the big three union houses, yes, but to lose Intiman, not especially. They have no identity, no coherent artistic values, and (with the Rep's 180 over the past year) have become the last big house to focus primarily on out-of-town leadership, directors, and actors. (Caveat: given this forum, I'll freely admit that all 3 are guilty of ignoring local playwrights)

I've been expecting the end of Intiman for a year or two now, and even if they aren't in the middle of tanking at this moment, it is only a matter of time. My concern is that there isn't an up-and-coming company ready to take over the Playhouse and grow into a LORT theatre. I suppose New Century is the only company that's even a possibility, but I don't think they're anywhere close to ready to make that sort of jump.

Intiman needs to undergo a complete rethinking of the company, especially if the local community steps up to help them through this (if this isn't all just rumors). Otherwise, I would not be upset to see them go under, and be replaced by a new union house within a few years.


I assume A 990 Nerd you're the same person who posted on the SLOG comment thread.

It's worth pointing out that the latest 990 available online through Guidestar (which SFAIA is THE go-to for this kind of information) is the 2008 return, covering the period from April 2008 through March 2009, so these numbers are already more than 18 months out-of-date.

A lot can happen in 18 months, just sayin'.

Scot Augustson

Hey, I don't want the Intiman to go. And certainly in today's economic climate keeping an arts org going is a tough job.
But, do remember that big last ditch "Let's Save the Old Girl!" campaigns can be an enormous arts dollars suck.
How many smaller, idiosyncratic, local productions and companies will lose out?

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