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Charles Smith

This non-review is about as funny and interesting as an Ian Bell performance!

Paul Mullin

Thanks, Charles.

... I think.

Charles Smith

Yeah, I was hoping the exclamation point could take the place of a smiley face emoticon.

Gary Smoot

Music to my ears! Thanks Paul! I have always felt, and tried to live up to the idea, that showing the magic is one of the best ways to engage an audience and invite them into the production (and no better test than a 5 year old). And thanks for "Our challenge is not to fool people, but to charm them." ... I am stealing it!

Paul Mullin

Thanks, Gary. Feel free to use that line. Consider it payment for the awesome book recommendation. I'm loving YOU ARE NOT A GADGET by Jaron Lanier. Might actually have to buy it.

Scot Augustson

See, I did love the Borrowers books. And, if you are going to water it down and cut the incest, why bother?

Machelle Allman

I did the same thing, looked at my boy, wondering if he was going to panic, and saw that he was completely entranced by that crow. And Arriety's running around the field was the best thing I've seen on stage in a long time. Charm, indeed.

Annett Mateo

As the creator of that Crow... Thank you! It is so much fun to see peoples (all kinds and ages of peoples) reaction(s) to that critter. Thanks much A--

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