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I did not realize that you were a tall buildings guy. Makes sense now that I know. You and I could not be more opposite in that respect. I enjoy them, but I do not love them. Cool, glad you had a wonderful time. Have not been there in a very long time - I may need to take a trip.

Paul Mullin

Well, Maggie, we love it so much there that I'm going to push hard to sell Chicago on some more of my plays. If I do, you should join us on our next adventure.

John Sylvain

I like the fact that there's a friendly bar on every corner and a theater on every block. If it wasn't for the fact that I live in Los Angeles and love Seattle I'd totally be in Chicago.

Paul Mullin

Well, you know John, you were instrumental in the founding of two crucial theatres in Seattle and Los Angeles. I think you owe it to yourself, me and Chicago to do the same there.

You can have TUESDAY for free as your opening show. (Right after you pay me the $200 you owe me for the LA production ;-0)

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