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Carl Sander

Brother Paul, I want to believe, I want to be saved and see my father in heaven, but the devil is telling me it’s the same old harp of cheap plastic and not a harp of gold. Preach it to me brother. Tell me that there are those in the cathedrals of art who are desperate enough and bored enough of the way things are to reach for the promised land, grasp the handle of redemption, and open the doors to a new age.

Paul Mullin

Carl, call me comrade! 'Cuz I ain't a lookin' for no pie in the sky when I die. I'm leaning lately more towards Louis Broome's word: "Revolution".

I'm no longer interested in "submitting" my plays. I won't be submitting at all.

I'm also no longer waiting for anyone to open doors for us. What am we? Royalty? We can open our own damn doors. I also know how to pick a few locks. Failing that, a good kick perhaps?

Carl Sander

Right on! But then what's all this about "playing the game"? The game of submitting plays is what I thought you were referring to. And how is “letting the game go” different from tossing the broken system to the curb and getting our own ball to play with? Which I am all for.

The major theatres have their place, but it’s never going to be a priority of theirs to promote local writers - never, never, never. Our best bet is to continue to develop new forms of production (for-profit and not for profit) that serve our needs and our audiences. In that context, I look at the forum on March 1 as an opportunity to talk directly to funders and tell them that when they hear talk of a "home for artists" they’d better look for the proof and not accept it on face value.

But if that’s the case, then why are you so keen on having the theatres represented? They can be a part of the solution, but they only will be on their own terms.

"I will not rise from the masses, but with the masses" – Eugene Debs

"Go Paul Go" - Carl Sander

Scot Augustson

Man. I am sooo sick of whiny a-holes who say things like "Sometimes I hate the game." Like they are somehow above the nitty gritty reality of making art happen. Like it is beneath them to be diplomatic (Which I guess they would see as kissing ass.) Like somehow the promotion of work they didn't like was the championing of mediocrity! Like somehow the production of theater wouldn't involve some degree of comprimize and...and...wait a minute.
Paul, I'm the one who said that, aren't I?

Paul Mullin

Dear lord, Scot!

No matter how much discretion I try to show, you just can't help outing yourself can you. Is there a any closet you won't claw your way out of?

If you were Deep Throat (and don't even start) you'd have been running around the darkened parking garage screaming, "It's me, I tell you! It's me!"

Lord love you, can't you control your exhibitionism for once and indulge me just a little in my fantasy that I'm some sort of hard-edged journalist with anonymous sources?

Come on! You're ruining my fun with honesty. That's just cheap.


Scot Augustson

Paul, what game are your trying to play here? You know how I feel about the game!

Tim Boucher

A girl at a bar two nights ago asked me, quite randomly, "Do you believe in things being transparent?"

I looked up at her big glasses. "What things?"

"All things."

"Sure. I'm all for it."

Immediately the game turned into her using my response against another guy who had said 'no' to her random interrogations.

The thing the other guy kept saying, unable somehow to believe the situation's transparency: "What kind of game are you guys playing here?"

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