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Thank god for those moments, and for actors like Bill.

I'm glad to see this blog and I look forward to reading your thoughts, Paul. Even though I'm now one of the ex-pats from theatre life (although what I'm doing now is a kissing cousin to art), I'm still married to it and I still nurture a love and a frustration with the state of theater in America today. I would love to see more good stuff, dammit! I'm sick of going to things out of obligation and not excitement.

Deborah Puette

How this essay makes me wish I had been pulled into the substantial orbits of both Salyers and Mullin in time to have seen this show. But better late than never.


Great stuff, I aspire to that sort of transformation.

Stephen Salamunovich CSA

An amazing story and one that proves what I tell actors regularly. It's not a profession for weenies. When an actor truly risks all and lays their body, heart, mind and should (not necessarily in that order) out for the truthful advocacy of their character and for the audience, it's a true gift to us all. When it goes beyond trying to portray something or someone and becomes "being" the character, true discovery happens for both the actor and the audience and we all learn more about who we are. Bill embodies that regularly. I miss his artistry and his generosity of spirit as you used to come in a regularly grace my auditions, making me look good on many occasions. Bravo to Bill and to your beautiful piece here, Paul!

Paul Mullin

Thank you very much, Stephen! Bill has been a true inspiration, and what's even more important, a true friend over the years. I treasure him.

(But for cripes sake, DON'T TELL HIM THAT!!!)

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