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This is really cool, man! When was it recorded? Where was it done?

Paul Mullin

Matt, it was recorded in 2001 in Los Angeles especially for posting at this site: http://www.virtualtheatre.org/.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Bill Salyers

Glad you like it, Matt.
Specifically, it was recorded in my basement apartment at 1241 Westerly Terrace in Los Angeles, on a crappy pair of low-end mics going into a tiny Behringer mixer I had purchased for the occasion, then pumped into a Creative Nomad Jukebox MP3 player/recorder. We regularly had to unplug my refrigerator and wait for traffic to slow on Sunset to get a take.
The only things high-end about "Crossing" were the excellent performances from the actors and the brilliant foley engineering done by Peter Carlstedt in the wee, wee hours at the otherwise closed Nickelodeon studios on La Brea. Oh, and Paul Mullin's fabulous script, of course.

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